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Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: Akel’s Family Restaurant


Ashley says…

My husband and I discovered Akel’s a few years ago when we first bought our condo at Myrtle Beach.  It’s the second closest breakfast joint to our place, and we didn’t like the one that was closer.  Akel’s is a “family restaurant” serving breakfast and lunch and is also a favorite among the locals.  Since it doesn’t have the words “pancake” or “breakfast” in its name, some tourists may not even consider stopping there. 

The front of the building states that Akel’s has been “a beach favorite since 1975” so they must be doing something right.  The interior of the place is a little dated, but I’ve eaten at many pancake houses along the Grand Strand and I don’t remember a single one that would get any interior design awards.   But what I like about the interior of Akel’s  is the collection of photos of old Myrtle Beach and its changes through the years in addition to the autographed photos by celebrities such as Mike Ditka, Jerry Reed and Arnold Palmer (among many famous golfers.)  But hey, it’s not about the décor, it’s about the food.

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