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Open Letter to Aladdin Restaurant

Dear Owner/Operator(s) of Aladdin Restaurant,

Given the many restaurant meals I have consumed during my lunch hour all over this fair city of ours, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience which can help your restaurant become one of the very best.  Because, you see, right now you have a problem.

Do you have delicious food crafted from fresh ingredients, served hot?  Yep.

Do you serve that delicious, hot food at reasonable prices?  I think so.     

And do you serve that delicious, hot, reasonably-priced food in a timely and efficient manner?  Ummmmmm……..No. 

Some days all I can think about is the tender, delicately spiced lamb mixture sliced and layered with fresh, crisp lettuce inside a warm pita cleverly wrapped in white paper so the filling doesn’t fall out as I devour it.  And those thoughts are immediately followed by feelings of nervousness and distress that I experience every single time I go to Aladdin at the hand of the completely inadequate service.

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Open Letter to Chef Richard Arbaugh

Dear Chef Arbaugh,


Events of this week have inspired me, nay compelled me to write this letter. While I do want to share the affect these events have had upon me and diners across our fair city, I must begin by describing the first time we met.

My first introduction to you , Chef Arbaugh, was not a handshake, an internet communication, an informative yet one-dimensional article in the Daily Mail. No, the first time I met you, you spoke to me through a sandwich.

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Open (Love) Letter to Delish

(Note:  I will mail this letter to Mr. Sadorra next week.  If you also miss Delish, please show your support by commenting below and I will include them in the mailing.)


Dear Virgil Sadorra,

I am writing this letter to you as a plea, a hopeful request, to once again provide the diners of Charleston, the Greater Kanawha Valley area, and all persons East of the Mississippi your imaginative, healthful, and delicious selections that at one time were collectively known as “Delish”.

Regretfully, I have already blundered.  To say your Delish dishes were merely delicious is a grave understatement.  If umami is the fifth taste, then I propose the Delish satay is the sixth.   

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