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The Dinner That Almost Sunk Our New Year’s Eve – The Barge

Susan says…

The Barge Bar exterior

I can summarize this meal in one word: bland.

I guess I am kinda spoiling the ending, huh? That is if the title didn’t give it away frst. 

Ron & I have been at bowl games for most of our New Year’s Eves together so we didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves in Charleston on such an occasion. None of our friends were having parties. Or, if they were, we were not invited. Some friends they are. We didn’t make a reservation at Embassy Suites. We didn’t invite anyone over to watch the ball drop with us. We were discussing our means of celebration as late as 2:00 that afternoon.  I tried to make a reservation at Aubrey’s and of course they were booked. I knew South Hills Market & Cafe would be full, too. So I looked to the list of restaurants we want to review and chose The Barge.

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