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I like that Mutt!! – Muttley’s Downtown, Davis, WV

Muttley’s Downtown- Davis WV

Ron says:

A few years ago, before they put the new facade on the outside of this building, I stumbled in here with some co-workers for Dinner on a Tuesday. At that time their special if I recall correctly was like two dinners for $19.99. There were three of us and the server said it was no problem to make the odd man out’s dinner $9.99. Since that time I have been a big fan of this joint…

I would have never walked in this establishment as I had always thought it was a biker bar or something… but walking in that eve it was like Bizzaro World. Antiques, and all scattered about. Then the food… I forget what I had that night, and well it was awesome, I couldn’t believe the bang for the buck… at that time I would have dished out five forks on the spot…

I think it was the next year, Susan and I were up there, and we missed the special, however the food was still excellent.

Fast Forward to 2008 – new facade outside, and two entrances… the one with the “Open” sign leads to the video poker spot, and the other under the awning, to the restaurant. I chose the “Open” door.. but that wasn’t it, and other than looking like I ride the short bus, I promptly turned around, walked twenty feet and went in the correct door.

While doing so, we noticed the special is now dinners for $9.99 each, but there’s a note about the change in the price of the steak… HEY TIMES ARE TOUGH….TIMES CHANGE…. and if I don’t like it I don’t have to eat here.

So in we go, we do wait a few minutes to be seated at the nearly empty place, but there’s so many neat little trinkets and crap stashed about it doesn’t seem too bad. Other than it’s a small cramped place and if you have to stand there you feel like you’re bothering other patrons, or you’re just plain in the way. So waiting this eve was not a highlight.

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