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I’m Glad I Had A Coupon – Mr. Wilson’s


Susan says…

When we aren’t sure what we feel like eating for lunch, I sometimes whip out my book of discounts.  I still call it the Dine-A-Mate book even though the name is now “Entertainment ’09”  I call audiobooks “books on tape”.  I am old school like that.  My daughter, who greatly enjoys making fun of my oldness anytime I slip and say “book-on-tape”, was flabbergasted when I acquired an actual book on cassette tape via a winning eBay bid. 

But on to the task at hand: a review of lunch at Mr. Wilson’s.

It was mighty difficult for me to walk past Sitar on a lunch buffet day to enter the doors of Mr. Wilson’s.  I probably asked Misty several times: “are you sure you don’t want tikka masala???”

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