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Get Your Fill at Sahara’s – Sahara Restaurant

Sahara Restaurant – Downtown Charleston

Dan says….

I have to say that I love Middle Eastern Cuisine as much as Susan loves Asian Cuisine.  Humus and Pita bread are like crack to me.  I love the lemon and garlic.  The simple seasonings let the flavors of the meats and vegetables shine.  I can get my fix at Sahara, but it comes at a cost.

Sahara has two buffet tables, one hot and one cold.  The cold bar has a simple salad, humus, Baba ghanouj , and some sweets.   The hot bar has lemon chicken, chicken kabobs, gyro meats, two rice dishes and a few vegetarian dishes with eggplant and potato.  They also have Fuul (Vicia faba), which is a slow cooked stew of brown beans and red lentils dressed with lemon olive oil and cumin (from Wikipedia). I like all the hot offerings, but I feel that there could be more choices.  I hate emtpy wells on a steam table.  How about offering Siyyadiyeh, spiced fish over rice, or my favorite stuffed meat dish, Kibbeh.

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