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Grande Potential – El Patron Mexican Bar and Grill

Susan says…

What was once Chinese is now Mexican.  The location beside Bellacino’s in Kanawha City has been home to a couple incarnations of Chinese restaurants, neither of which excited us here at Fork You.  Now the space has been freshly painted in a cheery palette of yellow, orange and avacado to transform it into a Mexican Bar & Grill.

You might be wondering: does Charleston really need another Mexican joint?  After my first meal at El Patron, I say “yes”. 

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Border Food Bordering on Boring – Chili Willi’s

chilli willi chips


Ron Says…

Chili Willi’s – is one of those places that I truly associate with West Virginia’s second largest city and probably first that will be placed in recievership, also home of the Greater Huntington Area Community College. 

( YES – I’m like Butter!!!  ….  on a Roll )

Chili Willi’s to me is a neat little place that used to reside in the true downtown section near 9th and 8th streets.  But since has moved to a less cramped place down the road near 14th street.  But still serving up the same Tex Mex fare.

What the hell is Tex Mex?   Mexican American?  What?  Neverthess they do have some decent dishes and even if you get a hamburger it’s going to have a south of the border twist to it.  Note the hamburger reference 😦   I’ve always liked Chili Willi’s, but I never really went there a lot, in the old place it was always packed and cramped, and well I’m a a messy drunk and tend to spill a lot.   So if it was crowded I went someplace else. 

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News Nuggets

new pizza place in kanawha city

Susan says…

Coming Soon

Piro Pizzeria will be coming soon to the Shops at Kanawha, formerly known as the Kanawha Mall.  

Teays Valley will soon be home to another Mexican eatery, El Rancho Grande.  They will be occupying the former Schlotzsky’s space near the Kroger at the Teays Valley/Winfield exit. 

It is lucky for them that the Schlotzsky’s sign just so happens to be in the colors of the Mexican flag.

A google search turned up another El Rancho Grande in Beckley.  I wonder if there is a connection other than a common name?

new mexican in teays valley

Tomahawk’s Tuesday Special

Recently, Ron and I enjoyed an afternoon on the deck at Tomahawk’s in South Charleston amid the boaters that docked for a bite and the bikers that rode in for a rest. 

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Sopaipilla and a Smile – La Roca

Dan says…2009-fork-you-004a

If you live in the Cross Lanes/Nitro area or frequent Cross Vegas (Tri-State Racing and Gaming Center) then you have probably been to one of the restaurants that have inhabited the building at 30 Nitro Market Place.  It started its life as a Char House, then it became a BMW’s (barbeque, mexican and wings), and now it is La Roca. I never had the pleasure of eating at the Char House (thank you Baby Jesus), but I did eat at BMW’s once.  In my opinion, when you can’t decide what kind of restaurant you want to be you’re doomed to fail. Continue reading

Toto, We’re Not in Shoney’s Anymore – Los Agaves



Susan says…




My first impression of this Mexican eatery was that of surprise.  The parking lot was remarkably crowded for lunchtime in South Charleston.  We had to wait for someone to back out of their parking space for our vehicle to find a slot.

The former Shoney’s had shed itself of most of the Shoney-esqueness to look like a typical Mexican joint.  The place was clean and we were seated quickly – another surprise given the packed parking lot.

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A New Name and A Facelift for Porfirio’s

Susan says…


We previously posted a review of Porfirio’s Mexican Restaurant in Barboursville back in July 2008 – one of my favorite places to eat before Ron sold the Country House.  After he moved to the Valley, it wasn’t as geographically convenient for us to eat at Porfirio’s therefore our frequency declined.  Not long after that, Porfirio’s closed their doors for remodeling.  During a visit to Porfirio’s Dos in Huntington during the month of October, we heard rumors that ownership my be changing on our old favorite. We wondered if they would actually re-open, and if so…would our old friends still be there?

The curiosity got the better of me Friday night.  The family unit decided on a drink and a snack at the re-opened restaurant, now with a sign in the parking lot announcing “Three Amigos”.

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Good Food With a Secret Ingredient -Porfirios Dos

Susan says…

The kids were campaigning for Mexican food (AGAIN) and that’s what we thought we were getting when we stopped at a new place to all of us.  But we got so much more than just good burritos.  We got a great story.

We weren’t even sure what the name of the place was.  We noted the sign outside said “Ricardos” but Porfirios Dos was on the side of the building.  Located across 29th Street from the Wal Mart in Huntington, we learned that Porfirios Dos is owned and operated by the ex-wife of the owner and operator of Porfirios, previously reviewed by Fork You.  Really.

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