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Shopping Stop – Ruby Tuesday

Reviews by Susan’s daughters, ages 7 and 10, respectively, are a special feature of today’s post. Perhaps they can snag recurring roles on Fork You.

Hope says…

Ruby Tuesday was good.  I was really hungry and the portion they gave me did not fill me up.  I ordered penne pasta.  It was too buttery and had EVOO on it.  It had a ton of parmesan cheese on it.  It tasted good and was not mushy.  I could have eaten twice what they gave me.  The dishes looked like they were expensive.  The waitress was nice.  The restaurant was really big.  I think it had too big of lights.  I think that’s all.  THREE FORKS

(note about Hope – she is really skinny.  To look at her, you’d think one penne would fill up her teeny stomach, but she can really put food away when she likes the taste of it.  The fact that she wanted more is a testament to how much she enjoyed this dish.  Oh, and can you tell she is a Rachel Ray fan?)

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The Unbreakable Chip – Chili’s

Susan says:

Bend It Like BeckhamGenerally, once you experience a particular chain restaurant, you can go back in the future and get pretty much the same thing, even if you visit another location 300 miles away.  Sometimes this is what you want- familiarity and knowing what to expect.  You either like a certain chain or you don’t.  You aren’t pleasantly surprised by a creative daily special…you know what your choices are before you get there.

Saturday, I went to the movies with a group of women to see Sex & The City (yes, this was my second viewing) and afterward we wanted to go somewhere for drinks and appetizers.  The group chose Chili’s.  I am not sure what each individual’s reasons for choosing Chili’s might have been but I heard the option of outdoor seating mentioned several times.   Personally, I like the southwest eggrolls appetizer.  I am not a fan of this chain so when I end up at a Chili’s, I usually order the triple dipper – a selection of 3 appetizers – as my meal.   I have tried many other things on their menu, I just don’t particularly like any of it, especially for the price.

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