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Top Fish – Bonus Post: Bluegrass Kitchen

We just couldn’t wait for week five to tell you about this great fried trout sandwich from Bluegrass Kitchen.  We completely lucked out this past Friday when our server described the specials, and included a fish sandwich.  She said it is being served each Friday during Lent. 

The scores, please:

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Public Service Announcement – Don’t Order This

Susan says…

Why I even decided to go to Bob Evans in the first place is completely beyond me.  Blame it on a momentary lapse of reason.  I had my two girls and one of their BFFs and we were headed to see The Squeakquel. 

Yes, this is a horror story.

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A Top Ten Eatery in St. Augustine – Cafe Eleven

Susan says…

Daniel recommended a restaurant for our trip to St. Augustine – Cafe Eleven.   He noticed it while staying at the nearby Hampton Inn.  With an interesting menu and an array of beer choices, he thought we’d enjoy the place.

Located on A1A near the coastline, Cafe Eleven is housed in an unassuming rectangular building with ample parking.  The interior is one large, open space.  You proceed to the counter upon entering for a menu.  Specials are posted at the register.  After ordering there, take a seat and someone will bring your food out to you when it’s ready.

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Lunch With a Side of Nostalgia – Blossom Deli


Susan says…

The historic location of the Blossom Deli injects vintage charm into an otherwise ordinary sandwich.  Located on Quarrier Street in the heart of downtown Charleston, The Blossom Deli serves sandwiches, salads and shakes to the local workforce for lunch each day.  At night, the restaurant is transformed with linen tablecloths and an upscale menu to offer one of the nicest dinners in the area.  Read our review of the Blossom’s dinner offerings by clicking here.

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Magnolia’s – now that we’ve had lunch can we go get something to eat?

magnolia outside

Ron Says….

I’m sitting here about a month after dining at this place, trying to write about it.  You know – catching up on the duties that require my journalistic cuisine credibility.

Magnolia’s – in Charleston South Carolina – the so called low country.   This is a place we have talked about going to for some time while visiting Charleston.   Never made it though.  Hell I even bought Susan a cookbook about the place and we have yet to make a dish out of it.

  Magnolia’s Authentic Southern Cuisine –  Click the link and buy it at Amazon.  

So on this trip we had pretty much decided that we were going to eat here at some point.  ( remember that thing I said about Susan’s OCD issue ? ) The only question was would we eat here to for lunch or for dinner?

Somehow we decided lunch, was it for the chance to save a little dough, because we happened to be downtown this particular day, or just a combination of both?  Well for me it was a combination of both.

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Folded Fun Food – Creperi Cafe

crepari outside Dan says…

The Creperi has been on our radar screen for quite a while.  The Five were eating subs when we saw two familiar faces looking at the vacant space in the building that houses Intajuice and Penn Station.  I was overjoyed because I love Greek food and this couple make the best Greek Salads and chicken and rice soup I have ever tasted.  Sadly I never got to enjoy soup and salad, because due to an archaic lease the Creperi is not allowed to duplicate what is served at Penn Station. 

I need to say why this is stupid and ignorant.  Do you know why all the good 😉 restaurants open around a Wal-Mart?  You open a business where there is foot traffic to support it and Wal-Mart brings traffic.  So if you bring more traffic to that block of Kanawha City then everyone will do well.  That stupid lease hobbles the Creperi and lets Penn Station do a half way job.  The landlord would benefit from having successful businesses in the building. Rant off.

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You Don’t Need a Hog To Enjoy This Food – Fat Bob’s Roadhouse

fat bob outside

Misty says…

I have heard from many people about the greatness of FatBobs.  I’ve always avoided it because 1.  I’ve heard that it is “crazy” busy and 2. Motorcycles are just not how I roll and I figured I would stick out like a sore thumb.  But I was assured that this would not be a Dome experience and was on my way to try it.

When we walked in, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was much different than I expected.  We walked through a very clean showroom to get to the eating area.  The eating area was much smaller than I expected.  There were only 3 or 4 booths, a few tables and some bar seating.  But luckily we were there early and grabbed a table.  (FYI- After being there for about 5 minutes, all the tables were full- but there was still some bar seating.) Continue reading