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Roadside BBQ – When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly – Lewisburg, WV (sometimes)

Dan says…

pigs-fly-002aI enjoy BBQ.  I am not a BBQ expert. So if you are a BBQ competitor or a BBQ judge feel free to correct me in the comments.  I generally make it a point to stop at every BBQ joint I pass when I’m traveling for work.  The Vegetarian Wife is accomodating, but sometimes the only vegetable on the menu is french fries. I have to keep BBQ dinner requests to a minimum.  So when I noticed the When Pigs Fly BBQ (WPF) trailer on the way into Lewisbug in September I knew I had to stop. I had tried to get some BBQ in previous visits to Lewisburg, but WPF BBQ is mobile and on more than one occasion they were located in Jackson’s Mill. So consider yourself warned before you take a trip to Lewisburg for this BBQ.  (Side note – I made two special trips to Lewisburg to eat at Jim’s Drive-In and it was closed both times.) Continue reading