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Varied Menu With Greek Nuance – Ye Olde Alpha

alpha outside

Daniel says…

On a recent trip to Wheeling, WV three members of the five were looking for a couple of good places to eat.  So being pretty proficient with the web we consulted Yelp and Urban Spoon. You have to wonder about the accuracy these social network restaurant review sites. You would hope that the cream would rise to the top, but I suspect that some restaurants and their fans know how to game the system. I checked out Yelp! and at the top of the list was the Ye Olde Alpha Club with 4.5 stars, but only 4 reviews. Apparently Wheeling is not Yelping.  Next I wanted to see where Urban Spoon would have us dine.  Again in the number one position was the Alpha Club with 119 votes and an 88% approval rating. So it was decided.

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Did We Get Robbed? – Yellow Brick Bank


Susan says…

Unfortunately, I have to take full responsibility for dragging everyone to the Yellow Brick Bank. I got it in my head years ago, after hearing some hype, that I really needed to dine here. I talked about it practically all the way across I-68. I made Terry wait until Race #6 to place his exacta box bet.

The expectations I had built were not met.

In fact, I learned the next week that a friend had nicknamed this place the Yellow Brick Bust. If only we had spoken in time to send me down a different path…

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Restaurant Swingers – south hills market and cafe (Dinner)

south hills market and cafe – South Hills Shops, Charleston, WV

Dan says…
Garlic and Sapphires

Garlic and Sapphires

The title deserves an explanation. It is drawn from the restaurant critiquing rules Ruth Reichl writes about in her book, Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise. She tells her dining companions during a trip to Daniel’s that everyone must order something different and that she gets to taste everyone’s food. So four of “The Five” decided to employee this technique on our epic night of fine dining.

Tracey and I met Ron and Susan for cocktails and appetizers at Bridge Road Bistro. It was happy hour until seven and they were serving two for one beer, wine and well drinks. I had an Appalachian Amber from Mountain State Brewery and a Vodka martini. I ordered up the Portuguese Fisherman Mussels, which was mussels cooked with roasted garlic and chorizo sausage with saffron, tomatoes and white wine sauce for $11. The shellfish were clean and very tender. The combination would have gone nicely over pasta, too. It was time to go claim our table across the street. We walked the short distance to the SHMC and I could tell Ron was upset. See, leaving a watering hole one minute before the end of happy hour for Ron is like Robert Ebert leaving a movie theater before the end of an Oscar nominated film. Continue reading