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Big Taste at Little India

Susan says…

An Indian restaurant within walking distance of my workplace is a dream come true.  We tried it out the first couple weeks they were open.

Little India is located in the old firehouse location on Washington Street near the Capitol where at least 138 different eateries have called home.  The exterior was spiffed up and adorned with a new sign.  More significant changes were made inside: new booths and tables and new lighting updated the space and made dining more comfortable.  A change I wish they had made is to get rid of that awful ramp from the back seating area to the buffet area.  I feel like I am going to fall over head first when I walk down that ramp in my high-heeled shoes.   If it weren’t for the handrail, I don’t think I could sit in that section.

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The Charm City Food Tour – Ambassador Dining Room

NOTE:  This is the first in my series of reviews from Baltimore, Maryland.

Susan says…

I had some big decisions to make about where I would eat on this trip since I had only a few days to get as much Baltimore as possible.   The words “Royal Indian Cuisine” grabbed my attention and “lunch buffet” acted as a lighthouse leading this ship safely to shore.  Buffets are attractive for two reasons:   1) A buffet allows me to taste a large assortment of dishes instead of being forced to choose one or two items from the menu and 2) I can sample the aforementioned large assortment of dishes for a lower price than the cost of the chicken tikka masala alone!  Actually three reasons:  3) I can eat as much as my little tummy desires.

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Report From the Field – Sitar Lunch Buffet

Susan says…

You gotta love a buffet. For several reasons, in fact. Among them:  

  • instant gratification. You can eat as soon as quickly as you can load your own plate
  • unlimited quantities. If you like something, you can load up on it until you explode for no extra charge
  • facilitate experimentation. while you may hesitate to order a new dish from the menu for fear you won’t like it, you can take a taste of everything off a buffet without risk
  • excitement. Any buffet veteran can recall a time when their heart raced seeing the waitstaff carry out a fresh pan of their favorite dish to the buffet line up. Onlookers might think Misty pressed the “eject” button on her seat when she sees hot triple delight at the Chinese Buffet. You just can’t get that kind of exhiliration at a regular sit-down restaurant.
  • ability to dirty as many dishes as you like. If you wanted to, you could go to the buffet fifteen times and get fifteen different plates with fifteen different items on them. No fear of food-touching with that method.

Fork You frequents several area lunch buffets and we enjoy the buffet perks described above. You can only imagine how thrilled we were to add another to our rotation recently: Sitar.


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Spicy, Not Surly – Sitar of India

Sitar of India – Downtown, Charleston, WV

Sitar of India

Dan says…

Sitar of India is one of those Charleston gems if you love ethnic cuisine. You can’t get anything like Sitar anywhere else in town unless you are invited to a meal at the India Center. Sitar has been open for more than ten years and recently changed hands within the same family. … Continue reading