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Scratch Your Itch for Asian – Ichiban

Ice Cream Balls

Susan says…

We chose Ichiban as the spot for a nice double date with our friends, Monica and Sterling (Monica posts a guest review below).  Located on Capitol Street adjacent to Bar 101, the restaurant has ornate, high ceilings and a beautiful bar.  The furnishings are nice but the tables are crowded very close to each other.  I felt like I was dining with ten people instead of the three I intended to eat with.  Even so, we didn’t have a problem hearing the conversation among us…maybe we are simply loud and we were infringing upon others’ dialogue.  Oh well, worked for us.

An extensive list of a la carte, maki and sushi dinners were available from the two sushi chefs working behind the bar on the upper level.  From that listing, I ordered the Jayden Maki – rolled sushi of tuna, cilantro, cucumber, spicy oil, smelt roe and chili pepper – 6 pieces for $10.50. 

The sushi tasted good, however I did not get “spicy” from it.  Either they forgot to include the spicy oil I was promised or their definition of spicy is a whole lot different from mine.

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