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A Shot in the Dark Hits a Bullseye – Cannonball Deli


Susan says…

Ok. We have an hour and a half for lunch during a conference at a nearby hotel that Terry aptly dubbed The Low Quality Inn.  Misty, Terry and I head to downtown Harper’s Ferry in search of nourishment. 

There are all kinds of school kids snaking through the streets and stairways of this historic town. A local-ish conference attendee had recommended a barbeque place that we quickly discovered was closed.  As was the next two places we walked past.  Apparantly this is a seasonal destination.

A couple deli/diners had items on the menu boards I thought would be a safe bet and then when we turned up High Street,Terry spotted the Cannonball and suggested it get the nod.  I think he picked it because it has a manly, civil war-inspired name and we got to enter by walking down a flight of stairs into the cool, dank lower level of the building.

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We Drop the Hammer on – The Anvil

Ron says…

“New York Nouvelle ($20.95) – Grilled sirloin with carmelized onions and red wine demi sauce.”


That’s how it’s described according to the menu as we dined ATE, at this joint because Susan, Misty, or Terry couldn’t decide on what they wanted.   I will not elaborate on Susan trying to find the directions to one of the largest tourist attractions in the eastern panhandle that caused us to be a little late and thus being dark as she alludes to below in her review.

So I ended up picking this place…. because of the Inn At Charles Town’s bartender’s recommendation, plus after her description, I was pretty sure I had eaten here before.

I didn’t recall the place as being as cheap as it was upon our visit this eve, but that could have been because at that time I still was five forks shy of having NO Culinary Credibility.

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The Town’s Inn, Pub and Eatery ~ Harpers Ferry

The Town's Inn11.07.08

Ron Says ~

Ok, this was the last place I ate while here in Harper’s Ferry.

The event, as I shall call it, began about an hour after Susan finished up her business affairs, and we had been here since taking pictures of the Scenic Historic Section of Harper’s Ferry.

Susan realized that she had not been deleting photos from her memory card and that it was now full and wouldn’t save any more pictures.  We decided that it would be best to go eat as we both were also beginning to get a bit hungry.  Plus sitting down would better allow Susan to perform her Carpel Tunnel Olympics (aka deleting over 150 photos one by one).

I chose this place, much to my dismay, as it will remain on my permanent record card of miserable picks.   But look at the picture… historic nature of the building, it’s an Inn also (B&B), serves food.  I’m thinking I’ve had great food at nearly every Bed & Breakfast I stayed at.  (but this was lunch and those were breakfasts, I should have reminded myself).  Plus they had some beer.

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