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Clock ‘Em With a Calendar – Griffs

Griff’s – Riverwalk Plaza, South Charleston, WV

Dan says…

I have been to Griff’s a grand total of three times since I moved to WV in 1998.  All my experiences have been similar so at least they’re consistent.  The taco salad I got the first time was just ok and the service was slow.  During the second visit I only drank beer to celebrate the going away party for a former boss.  I had a pint of New Castle and it was slightly warm.  This last visit with the five was memorable to say the least.

After searching for a parking space in the far corner of the Riverwalk Plaza parking lot we seated ourselves on the deck to enjoy the last day of outdoor dining for the season.  Tip:  There is a parking lot behind Kroger and you can pull right up to Griff’s deck.  That will save you a few minutes and believe me you’ll need it.  After reviewing the menu our orders were taken in an acceptable time period.  We placed our food and drink orders at the same time to speed the process. At this point the lunch marathon started. Continue reading