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A Fairytale Meal – Stillwaters

Stillwaters Restaurant – Stonewall Jackson Resort, Roanoke, WV

Susan says….

Once upon a time, there was a State Park in wild, wonderful West Virginia.  This State Park was special because it was disguised as a classy, comfortable, well-appointed hotel with a spa and a “fancy” restaurant.  The restaurant wasn’t pretend-fancy….no, this one was actually white-linen, don’t-put-your-elbows-on-the table fancy.  This was Stonewall Resort State Park in Roanoke.

Unlike some other state park that claims to be a “resort” (without naming any names, it starts with “Ca” and ends with “naan”) I truly feel pampered here.  People say they have a wonderful golf course and there is a restaurant on the hill geared toward the crazy people who will chase that little white ball around all day.    A bar is located downstairs in the lodge where you can enjoy sandwiches, a beer, and shoot a game of pool.  I look forward to work events at Stonewall so I can eat in the main restaurant, Stillwaters.

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