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Susan’s Travel Journal – Day 2

Susan says…

Today we are meeting friends that moved to the Philly suburbs from Charleston, WV.  The designated location is Chef Alan’s American Bistro in Reading.  I tried my best to talk everyone into Indian food, but no-go.  (I have already found an Indian place in Mystic, on-line, so even if I have to go alone…I will have nan this week!)

Chef Alan’s list two Reading locations on the website, but it looks suspiciously like a chain.  Ron is criticizing me as soon as we sit down at the large booth.  “Why did you bring me to a place with a palm tree when we are in New England?” he whined.  “I want to eat clam chowder.”  I explained to him that we were not yet in New England, we were in Pennsylvania and that several places were not open for lunch on Saturdays.  Oh yeah, and I asked him to shut up and eat.

Our friends were impresssed by the variety of the menu – salads, sandwiches (inlcuding an impressive array of burgers), pasta, and chicken.  They both ordered cobb salads.  Large cobb salads.

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