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Another Chance for Tricky Fish

Misty says…

at 12:15, we were the only customers inside...read our review to find out why

I was pleasantly surprised when I returned from my maternity leave and there was a deck on the front of the Tricky Fish.  If anyone remembers the steps that were on the front, they were a death trap (especially for the oddly clumsy, like me)!  The concrete slab steps towered in the front of the building (at least 5 or 6 feet tall) with no railing.  Of course, I have a trained eye for such dangerous settings as I am married to an attorney; but I am sure that everyone who dined there spotted it.  In fact, I am surprised that in the time that it took them to build the deck, that someone did not fall off, sue the Tricky Fish and put them out of business! 

Of course, such actions were off limits for a pregnant lady who is responsible for the well being of an unborn child.  But for other folks that were not in my situation, it seems like it would have been fair game.   I’m just saying, most people in WV are always looking for some easy money and I’m surprised that no one tried to make a few bucks at the detriment of the Tricky Fish.  Luckily for the Tricky , it does not appear that anyone took advantage of this dangerous situation and they could receive another review from Fork You. 

I was sure that this was going to be a better experience than the last.  Let’s face it, our first visit was just after they opened and they were still ironing out all the wrinkles.  It’s got to be better, right?  Well, bloggers, read on…

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