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Day Five – Paris Paris Deux – Paris, France

Dan says…

After getting a daily dose of art history at the Louvre we decided it be best if we tried to find our hotel before it got too late. Easier said than done, because the Louvre is hard to escape. You keep noticing things you didn’t know where there in top of it being a big maze. We wanted to see the Rubens in the second floor, because like Sir Mix Alot “I like em big and juicy”, but that section was closed.

We started our trek along the Seine passed the Musée d’Orsay, the national assembly and the Hôtel National des Invalides towards the Eifel Tower. Our hotel was off of Rue Cler, which is a pedestrian street full of market stalls. It was full of activity as we passed through and I wanted so bad just to take it all in, but we were wet, cold and needed to find the hotel.  We found Hôtel du Champ de Mars not a minute too soon. Continue reading

Day 4 – The most visited city in the world – Paris, France – Part 1

Dan says…

Today started early we woke around 5am so we could board the 7:22a train in Kiaserslutern (Germany) bound for Paris (France). We took the Inter City Express or ICE train, which you could call a bullet train. Once in France it speed along the tracks at 319 kilometers per hour or 198 mph. Once we made it to Paris we took the subway to the heart of Paris, the Ile de la Cite (City island in English). The island completely surrounded by the Seine river is the home of several famous landmarks including our focus, Notre Dame. We made our way around the inside looking a stain glass and little chapels dedicated to religous martyrs. Then we walked around the outside to take in the gargolyes and flying buttresses.
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Food, Food Everywhere But Not a Bite to Eat – Columbus Zoo

Susan says…

My family enjoyed a weekend in Columbus over the Independence Day holiday weekend.  Our activities included some shopping at Easton Town Center, an afternoon at COSI, and a day at the Zoo.

columbus zoo

Talk about a Foodie Wasteland…the food at the Zoo was boring, overpriced, and unappealing. 

Of course the food will be overpriced: they have you and they’re going to squeeze some extra money out of you while you’re there.  Hey, it’s capitalism…the American way.  And I’m all for it.  I knew we’d pay a little more, but I didn’t want the hassle of hitting a local grocery, packing up and dragging a cooler around.

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Sopaipilla and a Smile – La Roca

Dan says…2009-fork-you-004a

If you live in the Cross Lanes/Nitro area or frequent Cross Vegas (Tri-State Racing and Gaming Center) then you have probably been to one of the restaurants that have inhabited the building at 30 Nitro Market Place.  It started its life as a Char House, then it became a BMW’s (barbeque, mexican and wings), and now it is La Roca. I never had the pleasure of eating at the Char House (thank you Baby Jesus), but I did eat at BMW’s once.  In my opinion, when you can’t decide what kind of restaurant you want to be you’re doomed to fail. Continue reading

Ja-makin Me Crazy! – Jamaican Cuisine

Dan says…2009-fork-you-various-070a

Jamaican Cuisine located in the China Town of South Charleston has been Ja-Makin me crazy for several months. We have been teased by their impending opening for for awhile now. It is finally open, and I’ve been craving this authentic island food. Several readers had reported that they were suffering from new restaurant hiccups, such as no menus and off service. After giving them a couple of weeks to work the kinks out it was time for a visit. So when my good friend called me as I was leaving Kanawha State Forest and asked if I wanted to dine at Jamaican Cuisine I said, “Does Bob Marley like the Ganja!” Continue reading

Howling at the Moon – The Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH

img_0539Dan says…

It is spring break time! A mini-vacay was on tap, because I have one child is in public school and the other in private school. (Yes, I love one more than the other. I kid. The youngest is in preschool) Kanawha County’s spring break was this week and the Catholic school doesn’t have break until Easter. So the Vegetarian Wife and I decided that a quickie would be fun (that’s what she said) or as we call it a mini-vacay. After hearing many recommendations for the Great Wolf Lodge, we packed the minivan up and pointed it West towards the 1/3 scale replica of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island. A 3 and 1/2 hour drive through Ohio farm country brings you to the door of the Great Wolf Lodge, behind which you will find a mess of family fun. Continue reading

Cheap Family Eats – Giovanni’s

Tracey says….

I want to say a few kind words about a little pizza joint down the street.  No, it’s not quaint little Lola’s. It’s not one of the master chains, like Papa John ‘s or Pizza Hut.  It’s Giovanni’s on Spring St.  We have been ordering the Tuesday carry-out special more Tuesdays than not since Veggie Offspring #2 was born almost five years ago.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I will say that they have NEVER gotten our order wrong, though we occasionally mix it up by ordering half of this and half of that on our one-topping large pizza for 6.99. Continue reading