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Well…the Food was Pretty – J Paul’z

jpaul mac

Truffled Macaroni & Cheese

Susan says…

J Paul’z is another installment in my vacation reviews from a recent trip south to Folly Beach and the Charleston, South Carolina area.  (And save it, Stanton, we all know how you feel about out-of-town reviews…you insist on repeating yourself every time we post one.)

Located on James Island between those two cities, this restaurant was high on my list of places to try.  In fact I wrote a note on the menu I printed from the internet and placed in my Vacation Folder which read: “I WANT TO GO HERE”.  (If you only knew how geeky I was about planning and researching for trips…it drives Ron crazy.)

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Boy, oh Boy…What a Delicious Taco! – Taco Boy

taco boy outside

Susan says…

I am going to get to it straight away: these are, by far, the best tacos I have ever wrapped my lips around.  E-vah.

Never did I imagine in my wildest dreams that the best taco ever could be had in little, touristy Folly Beach.  But indeed, that’s where the best tacos reside.  At Taco Boy.  Our first meal in Folly Beach was so good, I am certain it cannot be topped.  Before departing the restaurant, I was already making plans to return before the end of our week.  The kids said they were going to scream if I said “My food was SO good” one more time.

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