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Reviews From the Redneck Riviera – The Flamingo Grill

Susan says…

The Flamingo Grill is Miami Vice meets 50’s diner meets seafood.  It has a decidedly retro interior that is fun and flashy.  I could have been sitting on an aqua blue vinyl bench seat out of a ’57 Chevy instead of a generous booth in a restaurant. 

Surprisingly, we didn’t need to wait for a table and, at first, that concerned me.  All the great places are crowded at Myrtle Beach, right?  Bimini’s didn’t have a wait but I really enjoyed their food.  Maybe I am simply smarter than the average tourist who is waiting in a line at a subpar all-you-can-eat trough or at one of the national chain restaurants on the Grand Strand.  The food, and the large numbers of people arriving after us, allayed my concerns that I had chosen poorly.

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