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A Charleston Icon – Fazio’s



 Each year near Christmas, my two best friends and I have dinner and exchange gifts.  Christy and I love all kinds of food, but Traci only partakes of two cuisines: home cookin’ and Italian. Since we all know I am not going to agree to spend a holiday dinner eating country fried steak and overcooked green beans boiled in bacon fat, we go to Fazio’s every year.

Fazio’s is one of my go-to special occasion restaurants. We celebrated my Grandpa’s 80th birthday there, Ron took his mom and I on a special date there, and it has become a Christmas tradition for me and many others.

A true Charleston icon, Fazio’s stands proud on Bullitt Street in downtown Charleston.  I consistently recommend this jewel to out-of-towners so they can experience the charm of one of our most beloved local eateries.   Linen tablecloths and napkins are accented by the printed paper placemats.  Unpretentious stoneware dishes and plastic bread baskets present the food to the expectant patron.  I imagine the interior (and the menu) haven’t changed much during the restaurant’s tenure.  The picture of a young girl on a bike hanging on the ladies’ room door amuses me every time.  Some people might call it “dated” and slightly “tacky”, but I find it charming in this instance.

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