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Fast Food Burger: The Sequel – Wendy’s Bacon Deluxe!!

Ron says…

Like James Cameron working for a decade on the movie Avatar, I have been working on my next signature post.  Remember the last one?

Well like a Hollywood blockbuster, I’ll follow the same format for success and keep beating it like a dead horse and see if with this post I can generate the same response.

So, several months ago, you may have recalled seeing the attached video:

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Arby’s Chicken Fajita Flatbread Melt

Susan says…

Shopping really takes a lot out of a girl when she’s good at it, like me.  Last weekend, I was working my way through the Kanawha City Gabriel Brothers when my tummy started rumbling.  This was only my first stop – I had planned to go to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx before heading home.  I’d never make it.  I needed sustinence.

arbys flatbread melt

With few choices in the immediate vacinity, I quickly ran through them in my mind.  Chicken soft taco, not in the mood for that.   Pizza Hut? out of the question – that would blow my calories for the next two days.  Burger King?  The only thing I like there is the fries and those are negative healthy.   Then I remembered seeing a sign at Arby’s about the fajita flatbread melts.  Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad…

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The King and his White Castle

rls_090214_001_columbus-fyouWhite Castle – just the sound of it “slides” off my tongue. 

At some point in my vast years of experience, I’ve come to love this place.  I don’t know when it happened,  but it happened sometime after I graduated college. 

In the late 1990’s I used to go to concerts with friends of mine, and because the bands I liked never frequented the Huntington / Charleston area we would always travel to Cincy or Columbus. Couple friends eventually ended up living there and once that happened it seemed the road trips became that much more frequent.

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The Mildly Upset Whopper

OK, we’ve all seen the commercial for the new Burger King Angry Whopper, if you haven’t, well you’re not missing much.  I had the bright idea to do some research on this here new Whopper.

You see the BK Whopper is a favorite of mine, I remember when they ran a promotion for a $0.99 Whopper. Oh, I was in heaven during those days.  I used to walk to the Burger King on Washington Street at least once a week to get my fix.  Now it is gone, and Susan’s not a BK fan so my Whopper consumption has gone down considerably (yet my waistband has continued to expand – yes that’s a testament to the human spirit)

So over the past couple of months I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to try one of these things.  Plus because Susan keeps harping on people to get their reviews in and craving content.  Seriously, I’ve heard “I’ve got nothing to post tomorrow” so many times these days that it’s driving me crazy, but I thought I’d kill a couple birds with one stone.  My Whopper Craving and Fork You Content being the birds.  (yes you’re probably saying that this review is for the birds by now, especially all you chain snobs – you know who you are.)

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