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the Devil Spit on this – Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave's

Susan says…

Historically, I have not been a fan of barbeque.  I can appreciate a sweet sauce smothering tender meat.  But I do not enjoy picking meat off ribs and getting all that sauce under my acrylic nails.  Even with the little wet wipe they give you (pioneered by the Colonel, remember?) you can’t get it all off your hands.

Ron loves this kind of food – so when they opened a Famous Dave’s in Barboursville, I was dragged there a lot.  But you know, I actually liked it.  I love the sweet & sassy sauce, the ribs were tender (I picked the meat off with my thumb, forefinger and a fork with my pinky sticking up in the air) and their sides were great.  Delicious cornbread muffins, crispy fries, and the kids loved the corn on the cob.  We ate there quite often, and after we made ourselves almost sick of the place with frequency, we put it in a rotation where we hit it about every couple months.

On our two most recent visits, we sadly noticed a decline in quality. 

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