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The Charm City Food Tour – Pazo

Image from their website

Susan says…

Tapas is a wonderful concept for someone like me.  Someone who likes to try lots of different dishes but doesn’t have the financing or the room in my waistline to order everything that looks tasty.  Someone who will take food right off other dining companions’ plates.  Someone who has trouble making up their mind about what to order.  I sure hope the tapas concept hasn’t jumped the shark.  Knowing that the place turns nightclubesque in the late evening, I had considered Pazo for after dinner drinks but upgraded it to “dinner” status after reviewing the menu.  Lots of small plates featuring seafood with a Mediterranean influence. 

I was told by a local that Pazo is the place to go if you want to “see and be seen”.  Well I don’t know about you, but I wanted to do both!  One issue was the negative attention I would likely receive if I carried my Canon Rebel into the restaurant.  You see, it didn’t quite fit into my hot pink clutch.  Hell, my iPhone only fit in there if I slanted it at just the right angle.  So, reader beware: blurry iPhone pictures ahead. 

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Beautiful Riverside Dining – Cheat River Inn and Pub

Gus says…

Having to travel quite a bit for work, I can attest that finding something to eat on the road can be full of promise and disappointment. I always try to avoid the chains, where it’s more likely a promise to be disappointed. So, eating somewhere that doesn’t have a slogan is more my style, even if it takes a little more looking.   A few miles outside Elkins on old route 33 is a place called the Cheat River Inn and Pub, I could tell by the simple, rustic exterior that this was just the place I was looking for to stretch my road legs.

I didn’t hesitate in the least when the hostess suggested I sit at the deck; the weather was beautiful, with a welcome breeze- and I was in full view of the Cheat. I was sitting at the main deck with a few other diners, drinking the house red from Front Porch Vineyard. The deck itself is tiered in a fashion that affords more intimate dining.  And with an outdoor bar complimenting the full bar inside, this place would be perfect for two. 

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Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: Black River Grill

Ashley says…

Dear Black River Grill:

My darling, where have you been all my life?  Ever since the day we first met last spring, you have been on my mind.  You are a rose among thorns, a diamond in the rough and well, just perfect.  I can’t imagine life without you.  Our love affair has been short, but so deep.   I hope to see you many, many times in the future so that we may continue this amazing journey. ..

Oh, excuse me.  I was daydreaming.  What the heck was that, you’re wondering?  Well, it’s just me expressing my love of a recent discovery in Myrtle Beach, Black River Grill.  After I prematurely quit a golf game at Wicked Stick Golf Course (don’t ask!) and was waiting on my husband to finish the last two holes on a balmy spring evening, I was strolling around the clubhouse when I picked up a Xerox copy of a menu for Black River Grill. The pro shop employee casually told me the place was pretty good and that his friend worked there.  It was just across the road, there was a coupon for a free appetizer and I was starving.   So why not?  We love to try new places. 

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Good Food in Winfield – Riverside Cafe

Ashley says…

The old Silky’s? Yep, sure is.  But way better.  Not that I had ever been to Silky’s, but my husband had and he said it wasn’t pretty.  Silky’s was a bar…and that was it.  Silky’s was sold, and in 2008 it was remodeled and Riverside Café was opened.  Radio advertisements and fliers brought us in for the first time about a year ago.    

 Putnam County still has not adopted the smoking ban, much to my disappointment.  So upon entry into Riverside Café, you’re immediately hit by cigarette smoke.   You walk right into the main bar area.  Tables, booths and a stage are in the back of the building, as is the patio.  We always walk straight to one of those areas where either we’re the only ones there or there are very few other people and if they’re smoking we can’t smell it.  This visit was on a low-humidity Saturday afternoon, so it was the patio for us.  We ordered a couple of frosty draughts while passing through the bar to save our server a trip out back. 

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Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: The Sea Captain’s House

Ashley says…

The Sea Captain’s House is a Myrtle Beach landmark that has stood since 1930 when it was built as an oceanfront vacation home for the Taylor family of High Point, North Carolina. Through the years it has changed hands several times, transitioned from a home to a guesthouse and endured several hurricanes.  In the early 1960’s, Sea Captain’s House was transformed to a full-time restaurant and still stands as a popular dining destination today.  Nestled on a little section of beachfront property amongst high rise buildings, the Sea Captain’s house is a nice contrast to the hustle and bustle of its surroundings.

During peak vacation season, Sea Captain’s House stays busy.  My husband and I had eaten there only once before for breakfast so this was a virgin dinner experience for us.  There were a few groups of people milling about at the front of the place so we figured we’d have to wait for a table.  Our wait time was estimated to be 45 minutes.  Not a problem. They have a bar/patio area in the sunroom on the back of the house and a large lawn area that overlooks the ocean.   We stopped at the bar, got a drink, then headed to the lawn.  What better way is there to spend your table-waiting time than seaside with a frosty drink in your hand?  No complaints here.

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News Nugget: Blossom Reopens for Dinner

Susan says…

The Blossom is now open for dinner again, but a bit differently than before.

First of all, they are only open for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday beginning at 5:00 pm.  

Secondly, there is a new, scaled-down menu.   

If you go, write in and tell us about your experience.  This seems like a great excuse for me to get some Thai Beef and Shrimp.  Sounds delicious!

Reviews From the Redneck Riviera: Duffy Street Fish Shack

Ashley says…

My husband and I make several trips to Myrtle Beach each year, and I’m always looking for some place different to eat than the trips before.  Usually on our first night there, I crave a simple meal of fried shrimp and hushpuppies.  THE place to go for just that is the town of Calabash, NC.  It’s about a half hour drive north and well worth it, but we didn’t want to make that drive the first night.   

I don’t do buffets.  I can’t stand all the people hovering over all the food acting like this may be their last meal.  The food is always just mediocre at best, especially for the price.   So we decided to try Duffy Street Fish Shack on Restaurant Row which is less than 10 minutes from our place.

Duffy Street is a locally-owned establishment that’s been around for 16 years.  They have two other locations on the grand strand in Cherry Grove and North Myrtle Beach.  The Myrtle Beach location opened just over a year ago.  They describe themselves as a “low country & laid back” place with “fantastic food, smoking hot blues and ice cold beer.”  There was no band the night we were there, but it was Sunday, so that was understandable.  

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