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Folded Fun Food – Creperi Cafe

crepari outside Dan says…

The Creperi has been on our radar screen for quite a while.  The Five were eating subs when we saw two familiar faces looking at the vacant space in the building that houses Intajuice and Penn Station.  I was overjoyed because I love Greek food and this couple make the best Greek Salads and chicken and rice soup I have ever tasted.  Sadly I never got to enjoy soup and salad, because due to an archaic lease the Creperi is not allowed to duplicate what is served at Penn Station. 

I need to say why this is stupid and ignorant.  Do you know why all the good 😉 restaurants open around a Wal-Mart?  You open a business where there is foot traffic to support it and Wal-Mart brings traffic.  So if you bring more traffic to that block of Kanawha City then everyone will do well.  That stupid lease hobbles the Creperi and lets Penn Station do a half way job.  The landlord would benefit from having successful businesses in the building. Rant off.

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Best Bar Idea Ever – Kaminsky’s


photo from kaminskys.com

Susan says…

Part of my reports from the Charleston, SC / Folly Beach area

This has to be the best bar idea ever.  Located adjacent to T Bonz restaurant on Market Street in historic Charleston SC, Kaminsky’s satisfies both your thirst and your sweet tooth.

kaminskys inside

The interior ambiance is romantic and intimate.  A large bar stretches across one side of the space.  Brick walls, dark woods and low-lighting complete the stage.  It’s a small space, holding about a dozen tables.  We were seated immediately when we arrived but as we lingered, the place became packed with tourists and locals.

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A Sweet Tooth and Some Fireworks – Magic Wishes Dessert Party

Tracey says…Wishes 001

Magic Wishes Dessert Party When Dan forwarded the information about the New Magic Wishes Dessert Party (from The Disney Food Blog) to me, I knew it would be the perfect ending to the Vegetarian Offspring’s birthday in the Magic Kingdom. The announcement said that it was a temporary program which allowed you to view the Magic Wishes fireworks show while enjoying an all-you-can-eat dessert bar. You prepay for the event and it is not really cheap. Adults are $17.99 and kids $9.99.   But, unlike some of our Disney dining experiences, I feel like we got every penny’s worth. We arrived at the Tomorrowland Terrace after a long hot day in the crowded park. As the masses crammed together at the foot of the castle, we happily settled in to our comfy spot at a bistro table with the beautiful castle in the distance. Continue reading