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Delish is Still Delish But Not the Same as Delish

Susan says…

I have just returned from the non-profit Delish.  As usual, I sacrificed myself for the sake of this blog by eating as much as I possibly could.  Never mind that I won’t be fitting into my swimsuit this year.

The first thing you need to know is how the lunch is served. 

1) There is no menu.  They have what they have.  I wanted to ask if the lineup would change daily or weekly but the place was just too busy by the time I thought to ask some questions.  (I was excited about getting that food in my belly.) 

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Is the Original Delish Coming Back?

Susan says…

Delish is coming back, baby!  Hopefully not in name only.

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Open (Love) Letter to Delish

(Note:  I will mail this letter to Mr. Sadorra next week.  If you also miss Delish, please show your support by commenting below and I will include them in the mailing.)


Dear Virgil Sadorra,

I am writing this letter to you as a plea, a hopeful request, to once again provide the diners of Charleston, the Greater Kanawha Valley area, and all persons East of the Mississippi your imaginative, healthful, and delicious selections that at one time were collectively known as “Delish”.

Regretfully, I have already blundered.  To say your Delish dishes were merely delicious is a grave understatement.  If umami is the fifth taste, then I propose the Delish satay is the sixth.   

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