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Lunch With a Side of Nostalgia – Blossom Deli


Susan says…

The historic location of the Blossom Deli injects vintage charm into an otherwise ordinary sandwich.  Located on Quarrier Street in the heart of downtown Charleston, The Blossom Deli serves sandwiches, salads and shakes to the local workforce for lunch each day.  At night, the restaurant is transformed with linen tablecloths and an upscale menu to offer one of the nicest dinners in the area.  Read our review of the Blossom’s dinner offerings by clicking here.

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I’m Glad I Had A Coupon – Mr. Wilson’s


Susan says…

When we aren’t sure what we feel like eating for lunch, I sometimes whip out my book of discounts.  I still call it the Dine-A-Mate book even though the name is now “Entertainment ’09”  I call audiobooks “books on tape”.  I am old school like that.  My daughter, who greatly enjoys making fun of my oldness anytime I slip and say “book-on-tape”, was flabbergasted when I acquired an actual book on cassette tape via a winning eBay bid. 

But on to the task at hand: a review of lunch at Mr. Wilson’s.

It was mighty difficult for me to walk past Sitar on a lunch buffet day to enter the doors of Mr. Wilson’s.  I probably asked Misty several times: “are you sure you don’t want tikka masala???”

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Steer Your Way Through the Lunchtime Waters – The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse – South Hills Shops, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

Even though I am the first opinion in this review I am the last person to post. So I have had the privilege of reading their opinions prior to writing mine.  So before you get wrapped up in spicy BBQ, cold bread, charts and graphs I need to tell you that the Wheelhouse is good.  This place doesn’t look like much on the outside and most would drive by without giving it a thought.  I love trying new places, but something about this place didn’t attract me.  Our good friends at the WV Hot Dog Blog rated a WVHD at the Wheelhouse, which prompted us to take a closer look.

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Dining News – Mini Burger Special (Deli Fresh)

Dan says…
Mini Burgers with Macaroni Salad - $3.89

Mini Burgers with Macaroni Salad - $3.89

If you are in the mood for something different and are not like “The Vegetarian Wife” and get the same thing every time you eat out.  Deli Fresh is running a new special this month – The Mini Burger Platter for $3.89.  The platter comes with two mini burgers and your choice of macaroni or potato salad.  Don’t ask for chips instead of the salads (it is not an option 😦 ).  The burger patty is simple and I believe it is pre-cooked.  They top it with sauteed onions and whatever else you want.  Next time I go back I think I’ll order them bare except for the onions and swiss cheese.  The rolls were fresh, which is something you can count on at Deli-Fresh. Enjoy.

1405 Greenbrier St
Charleston, WV 25311

Get Directions
(304) 345-3354

The Skinny on Specials – Deli-Fresh (Update)

Deli Fresh (Update) – Coonskin/Airport Hill, Charleston, WV

Dan says…Sausage Sandwich Deli Fresh WV

Susan and I felt compelled to post an update to our previous review of Deli Fresh. I have to tell everyone about this sandwich special they are running until June 30th. The Sausage and Kraut Sub rocks! They butterfly a 8-9″ sausage, top it with sauerkraut and white (swiss?) cheese. They put all this on their 9″ steak bun with a thick line of brown spicy mustard. You should give this sandwich a try even though the mustard is incorrectly applied to the cheese side and not the meat side of the sandwich. (Personal Preference)

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