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Country Bob’s and Tom Turkey

Ron Says….

RLS_091001_002_Halloween-FYouOk, It’s been a while since we’ve given a bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce away…   (Editor’s Note:  Right out of the gate, Ron looks like an idiot.  Usually it’s two or three sentences before that happens.  Obviously he never reads this blog, since we just gave a bottle away on the Trick or Treat post.)

That being said, due to new FTC guidelines, I have to say we were given this box of sauce by Bob himself.  (ok it was actually one of his representatives I’m sure, but for the sake of telling a story that’s just not too damned interesting is it?)  (Again with the reading problem – it DID come from Bob himself.)

So since we last did this, I’ve been dumping this stuff on everything that deserves sauce.  Hamburgers, eggs, (ok, I didn’t really like it on my eggs), Turkey Sandwiches, Ham Sandwiches, etc etc…  It’s just good stuff, and it’s really great on Burgers.  It’s a staple of the Tailgating tub.

We’ve given a few bottles to friends and family… they love it.  (Liar, liar, pants on fire.  He didn’t give any of it to family.  He is keeping it all for himself.  I am surprised he’s willing to part with a bottle for this post.)

sexpistolswhokilled bambiAll that being said, well I’m looking forward to splashing some on some fresh long legged rats venison.  (yes isn’t that a cool Sex Pistol’s pic??)

I digress… stay on topic … Susan keeps yelling at me.  (I’ve told him to quit using all those periods when he writes, too and he’s still doing that.  I am not very hopeful that he’ll stay on topic.)

WELL Gun season is just around the corner, so I should be able to try it then too.   Yes I shoot helpless animals.   Hell I even shoot the eggs.  (What does that even mean?  Shooting eggs?  Deer don’t lay eggs.)

But that’s not all… it’s also just in time to splash some on old Tom Turkey.  Thus  Fork You is here to save your Thanksgiving and thus will give another bottle away.

So to get your bottle of Country Bob’s we’ll select some random commentor who tells us what their Thanksgiving Dinner is like…  But let’s not just stop there… tell us about your Thanksgiving horror story…. you know, when aunt Gertrude brought her internet date to the family dinner – stuff like that.

Contest ends Friday November 20th, at Noon.  (I can’t believe I have to add this last part, but the way some of you viewers take things so serious, well it’s noon EASTERN TIME)  (Awwww…look how sensitive Ron has become.  Ain’t that sweet?)

That should give all of us here at the Fork You mansion time to get off our collective butts and announce the winner and mail your bottle out in time to splash all over your bird or buck!

Enter to Win – Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

 country bob

And the Winners Are…


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Comment #2 from specialed5000

Comment #12 from demosthenes.or.locke

Comment #6 from sohofan


(Ron was ineligible to win both times he commented, btw.)

If you are one of the winners, please email us at the blog with your address and we will mail your bottle of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce and idea booklet.



Ron Says…

Recently we have been asked to try some Country Bob’s  All Purpose Sauce and tell you what we thought.

The other day (08.03.09), Susan and I grilled some chicken at the Fork You mansion, with the intent of trying a bottle of this out. 

Thawing out some of what I’m sure are grain fed hormone injected chicken breasts from Sam’s Club, I decided to marinate them for a bit while I went for a bike ride.  Besides I marinate about everything, especially if I’m going to grill it.

The main ingredient for this concoction was, of course, the star ingredient for the meal: none other than Country Bob’s sauce.  First though I had to pour a dab on my finger and taste this magical stuff. 

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