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A New Home For An Old Favorite – China Buffet


Susan says…

Today the Fork You crew enjoyed lunch at our old favorite, China Buffet.  But today we ate lunch in their new diggs: the revamped and remodeled shops at the former Kanawha Mall.

The old location is being torn down and the restaurant was closed four days this week while they moved all the furniture and equipment from the old space to the new.

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Vindication is Sweet, Crow is Hard to Swallow – China Buffet

Susan says…

My favorite Chinese buffet, aptly named THE China Buffet, has now been reopened for one week.  And I have eaten there twice.  Phil said resistance was a futile concept so he braced himself, knowing that’s where I would want to go today.

We arrived a little later than usual, around 12:30.  Boy was I hungry.  We received prompt and friendly service, obtaining a table and placing drink orders.  We eat here once a week on average and the staff always recognize us.  That’s a nice feeling.  Many times at Chinese and Mexican places there exists a language barrier when communicating with the staff so it’s usually best to avoid special orders.  Daniel, momentarily allowing his obsession with his newfound beverage of choice to cloud his mind, orders a non-standard drink: half lemonade and half sweet tea, the formula for an Arnold Palmer.  Our server smiled and nodded and we thought there is no way he is getting what he thinks he ordered.

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Dreams Can Come True, It Can Happen To You – China Buffet to Reopen

Susan says:

Partly because I am a glutton for punishment and partly because I just couldn’t help myself but believe that there might be some slim chance that my favorite Chinese place could be open, I called to hear the recording for the hundredth time since the unfortunate kitchen fire put my mongolian chicken enjoyment on hiatus.

Every several days, I call the China Buffet at the Kanahwa Mall – just to check.  It rings a couple times and a recording begins (imagine a very young Chinese accent): thank you for calling the China Buffet… we are temporarily closed.  Or something like that.

Well, today….glorious day…I got a different recording.  This one said: thank you for calling China Buffet, we will reopen the week of July 7.

For a moment, I was in a state of disbelief.  Did I hear what I thought I just heard?  Or was the recorded Chinese accent mangling the words actually being said into what I wanted to hear?

I called back to be certain.  “Thank you for calling China Buffet.  China Buffet should be reopen the week of July 7.  Have a nice day.”

So it was true.   In ten days I should be enjoying the garlicky green beans, the crab rangoons, my personal favorite – Mongolian chicken, the chicken with broccoli…Hell, I might even get stuff I don’t really like just ’cause I missed seeing it as I walked by it on the buffet.

It will be a homecoming.