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News Nuggets

new pizza place in kanawha city

Susan says…

Coming Soon

Piro Pizzeria will be coming soon to the Shops at Kanawha, formerly known as the Kanawha Mall.  

Teays Valley will soon be home to another Mexican eatery, El Rancho Grande.  They will be occupying the former Schlotzsky’s space near the Kroger at the Teays Valley/Winfield exit. 

It is lucky for them that the Schlotzsky’s sign just so happens to be in the colors of the Mexican flag.

A google search turned up another El Rancho Grande in Beckley.  I wonder if there is a connection other than a common name?

new mexican in teays valley

Tomahawk’s Tuesday Special

Recently, Ron and I enjoyed an afternoon on the deck at Tomahawk’s in South Charleston amid the boaters that docked for a bite and the bikers that rode in for a rest. 

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Good Food With a Secret Ingredient -Porfirios Dos

Susan says…

The kids were campaigning for Mexican food (AGAIN) and that’s what we thought we were getting when we stopped at a new place to all of us.  But we got so much more than just good burritos.  We got a great story.

We weren’t even sure what the name of the place was.  We noted the sign outside said “Ricardos” but Porfirios Dos was on the side of the building.  Located across 29th Street from the Wal Mart in Huntington, we learned that Porfirios Dos is owned and operated by the ex-wife of the owner and operator of Porfirios, previously reviewed by Fork You.  Really.

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Spanish word of the day “Apestoso” – La Carreta

La Carreta Mexican Restaurant – Kanawha City, Charleston, WV

Tracey says…

If you don’t have time to look it up, I’ll tell you. It means SMELLY! When we arrived at La Carreta, business was booming and one of the few spots left was beside the dumpster. WHEW. It was so bad that I went back to move the car when I saw someone leaving on the other side of the lot. I was afraid we’d end up with one of those issues that George Costanza had if the stench got into the car fabric. The inside wasn’t stinky, but it did seem very dirty. Those (somewhat) new tables are so silly. A million chip crumbs were trapped between the carved wood tabletop and the glass at my spot. Another table was cracked and repaired with duct tape. I’m sure there was no bacteria hiding in that smooth surface. Continue reading

Why Don’t I Ever Go To Rio Anymore? – Rio Grande

Susan says…

Recently, Fork You met another Twitter friend, @msjamie, and her husband for lunch at Rio Grande.  Being that I love Mexican food, my tummy was really looking forward to the excursion.

It had been about a year since I had patronized any Rio Grande location.  Why had I stopped going there?  Was it because I had to arrive early or there were no tables available?  No, I love to have an excuse to eat even earlier than noon.  Was it because I had moved from Cross Lanes to Teays Valley a few years ago?  No, there is a Teays Valley location as well as Nitro.  Plus I work and eat downtown every weekday. Continue reading

Good Food in Milton – East Tenampa Mexican Restaurant

East Tenampa Mexican Restaurant – Milton, WV

Susan says:

One of three area locations, East Tenampa is a bright spot on the scene in downtown Milton.  Literally.  The interior decor of this eatery is sparkling clean with brightly colored walls and furnishings.  It may be impossible to be sad in such a happy-looking environment, and given the food we had, there is no reason to even try.

I noticed a whiteboard with a drink special when I first came in, a special margarita made with grapefruit juice, lime juice, orange juice…sounded yummy, for $4.99.  (Click on the photo below for a larger version to read the full description.)  Ron’s Mom and I both ordered one up and began studying the menu.  There were quite a few items that I had not seen on other Mexican menus.   Then she suddenly realized that she can’t have the grapefruit juice due to her blood pressure medication.  She walked back to let our server know and it was not a problem at all – they made her one without the grapefruit.  This maragarita definitely did not come from a plastic bottle mix.  It was freshly made and was evident in the taste.

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