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Why Didn’t We Know About This Place? – Sub Shop

Susan says…




Have you ever had one of those happy accidents where the thing you intended to do became impossible, much to your disappointment, only to do something else which was unplanned, much to your delight? Me too! Isn’t life grand when that happens?

For example, we intended to go to Cilantro’s but the line was pressing against the door and the dining room was already full.  Plan B: Blossom Deli. Fail. Line out the door with a full dining room. After two disappointments with no Plan C in our hip pocket, we meandered toward Capitol Street after leaving Blossom and I noticed a sign in a non-descript brick building across the street which read “fresh-cut fries” and another that said “hamburgers”.  We all agreed that it sounded like our kind of place and hoped there would be empty seats inside.

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“L21 with Hot and Sour Soup, Please” – Main Kwong

Main Kwong Chinese Restaurant – East End, Charleston, WV

Ron Says…

Well today I thought I needed something more substantial than Ramen Noodles for lunch.  But in deciding to stay with the Asian cuisine, I told some co-workers we were going to put an order in for what is in my opinion the best Chinese Food in the Charleston Area – “nuff said”.

I’m talking about Main Kwong on Washington Street in Charleston.  This little joint is within walking distance from work.  So at about 11am, I rounded up some co-workers, delegated one to make the actual call.  (I hate making the call because I can never really grasp what it is that I’m ordering or being told yet when I have to do this, they still manage to get my order correct – amazing) Continue reading

Sushi is Twitterific – Kaifu Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Kaifu Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar – Downtown, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

There was a time when I think you could call sushi trendy, but when Charleston has two dedicated sushi bars, three restaurants that serve good sushi (Taste of Asia, Hibachi, Ichiban), several chinese buffets and Kroger offering sushi, I think it is safe to say that sushi is mainstream.  What is not mainstream is the social network that we used to obtain our dining partners for our sushi lunch, Twitter@oncee and @blairly, along with several others suggested that we hit Kaifu for sushi the first chance we got. So emails and Tweets where exchanged, and a date was set.

Three of the Five arrived at 12:30 to find a packed dining room.  This place is small and is the definition of a “Hole in the Wall”.  The very cozy dining room holds about 30 people.  The sushi chef toils away in the back corner making little raw fish treasures.  This place is quaint and it makes me think this is what a sushi bar in downtown Tokyo would look like.  There are all kinds of people dining today from the $1000 suit lawyer to the 9 year old boy eating with his dad.  This place feels almost hip.

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Proceed with Caution – Capitol Food Court

Capitol Food Court – Capitol Complex, Charleston, WV

Susan says:

On my first visit after the remodel, I was excited to try the healthier, low-carb food.  I ended up paying $8 or $9 for a piece of grilled chicken, broccoli, and a soft drink.  That ended my excitement.

A second double-date with the WV Hot Dog Blog was the opportunity to try something else, something hopefully cheaper.

We had heard about some lunch combo specials at good prices.  I chose the hamburger combo: a 4 oz hamburger (or cheeseburger) with fries and a 16 oz. soft drink.  The soft drink comes with free refills if you dine in.  I am not sure if this hamburger was frozen pre-made or done on site.  The patty was not a perfectly round shape but it had a not-so-fresh taste about it.  It was pretty good.  The bun was straight out of the bread bag.  It could have been much better with a little butter and a few seconds upside down on the grill beside the hamburger patty.    The lettuce consisted of one piece of green leaf lettuce.  They missed an opportunity to “wow” me with a big pile of lettuce leaves. Continue reading

We Investigate the Hype – Soho’s (lunch)

Soho’s – Capitol Market, Charleston, WV

Susan says:


The Five were encouraged by a reader to review Soho’s.  This reader, as you might guess, was a bit unhappy with the food & atmosphere at Soho’s and was curious about whether those views would be shared by any (or all) of The Five.

Let me begin my portion of the review by saying that I am a fan of Italian food.  In fact, I have a policy which states: “any time you drive north of Route 50, you must eat at an Italian restaurant”.  There are a lot of great, authentic Italian restaurants in Bridgeport and points north and I hate to be near such fine eateries and not take advantage of their offerings.  My background on Soho’s includes one dinner visit during which I enjoyed a pizza, mostly because I thought everything was priced too high and I didn’t want the individual paying for dinner to be sticker-shocked when the bill arrived.  I have eaten lunch here once before but it was a long time ago and don’t really recall how I felt about it, but I hadn’t been back – so what does that tell you?  In addition, I love the food at The Blossom (for dinner, that is) which is created by the same chef, Bill Sohovich.  Sohovich….Soho…get it? Continue reading

The Unbreakable Chip – Chili’s

Susan says:

Bend It Like BeckhamGenerally, once you experience a particular chain restaurant, you can go back in the future and get pretty much the same thing, even if you visit another location 300 miles away.  Sometimes this is what you want- familiarity and knowing what to expect.  You either like a certain chain or you don’t.  You aren’t pleasantly surprised by a creative daily special…you know what your choices are before you get there.

Saturday, I went to the movies with a group of women to see Sex & The City (yes, this was my second viewing) and afterward we wanted to go somewhere for drinks and appetizers.  The group chose Chili’s.  I am not sure what each individual’s reasons for choosing Chili’s might have been but I heard the option of outdoor seating mentioned several times.   Personally, I like the southwest eggrolls appetizer.  I am not a fan of this chain so when I end up at a Chili’s, I usually order the triple dipper – a selection of 3 appetizers – as my meal.   I have tried many other things on their menu, I just don’t particularly like any of it, especially for the price.

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