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Chain Reviews: Positive or Positively Perposterous?

Susan says…

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While perusing the internet, purely for educational purposes and the betterment of this blog, I ran across an interesting post on Serious Eats’ sister site, A Hamburger Today.

This post was interesting to me on many levels:

  • 1. The headline grabbed my attention like a pair of ho red peep-toe stilettos with a 75% off tag in the window of Macy’s would grab my attention. This headline reads “Five Guys’ Fries Make Me Weep with Happiness” I think there was more, but that was all a fry-lover like me needed to process. I was clicking on that, you can be sure of it!
  • 2. The story was about fries. I love fries. I love pretty much any french fry, but fresh-cut fries are the crème de la crème of potato dishes. Never has a chef created anything tastier, anything more beautiful out of a spud than the fresh-cut french fry. While I have never actually wept after eating a french fry, there is a first time for everything.
  • 3. I know where I can get Five Guys fries! There is a Five Guys at Pullman Square in Huntington. Sure, that’s a bit of a drive, but can you place a geographical barrier on the quest for the most awesome fry ever? I thought not. When I first noticed that joint, I had no idea what it was. If I had only known then what I know now, I would have busted through the doors and ordered a bucket of fries, straight up, extra salt.

Five Guys' fries - photo from A Hamburger Today

Clicking on the headline, which was accompanied by a mouth-watering photo of perfectly browned potato goodness in what appeared to be a white styrofoam cup, I hurriedly read through all the blah, blah, blah about the burgers.

Robyn Lee states in the review of Five Guys:

“I’ve eaten a lot of fries in my life, but I had never know the full potential of these simple deep fried potato sticks until that moment. All previous knowledge of french fries up to that point meant nothing. Nothing. All future, non-Five Guys french fry-eating experiences are destined to be ruined. I don’t know how to describe how perfect that first bite was, through the delicate, salt-studded, crispy crust to the soft innards, but my reaction was probably something like, “Oh my god these fries are made of crack and rainbows and how the hell can fries taste this good oh sweet jesus I’mgonnaeattenmore.

I am thinking to myself, “how long will it take me to drive to Huntington…I’m in Charleston now…oh, about 25 minutes to the Valley and then another 25 from there to get to Pullman…. …”

And then it hit me.

A Hamburger Today, party to the New York-based foodie blog known as Serious Eats, published a review of a chain. Say it ain’t so, Dan.  Ah…..but it is.

But you know what? The review on A Hamburger Today quoted another review of Five Guys from none other than the Chicago Tribune. Kevin Pang, the Tribune’s Cheeseburger Bureau Chief, states:

“But what Five Guys has going for it are the remarkable french fries (regular size, $2.59-and, oh, named “Best ’08 by Capital Region Living Magazine!”). These double-fried fries-a technique foodies know yields, hands down, the perfect texture-have that rustic, imperfect-shaped, skin-on look. The fries tip more crispy than crunchy, and the interior has a creamy consistency with assertive potato-ey notes. They’re dusted with liberal amounts of Cajun spice, giving them kick and complexity. They’re really, really, really delicious.”

Well, I’m convinced. I am definitely going to give Five Guys a try.

And if Serious Eats and the Chicago Tribune feel a chain review is worthy of writing, posting, reading and commenting, then who are we here at Fork You to disagree with them?

Misty, tonight’s the night. Go forth and fork McDonald’s!