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Will This Place Fly For Long? – Wing World

This restaurant is CLOSED

Ron says…


We arrived at 1:30 so there were only two other customers besides ourselves having wings on this cold blistery day.

Before coming here, we had heard “horror” stories about this place… I’ve had three former co-workers tell me this place sucks..  One had even clamed it made him sick for a week.  We had heard that the owners yelled at the employees… the list just goes on and on.

So coming back from Wally World run… we decided to check it out. I figured at least get a cold beer and a few wings..

Well the place was neat, it had a few video games, but no alcohol.  How the hell do you serve wings with no alcohol?  For that matter “Why”?? 

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Why Didn’t We Know About This Place? – Sub Shop

Susan says…




Have you ever had one of those happy accidents where the thing you intended to do became impossible, much to your disappointment, only to do something else which was unplanned, much to your delight? Me too! Isn’t life grand when that happens?

For example, we intended to go to Cilantro’s but the line was pressing against the door and the dining room was already full.  Plan B: Blossom Deli. Fail. Line out the door with a full dining room. After two disappointments with no Plan C in our hip pocket, we meandered toward Capitol Street after leaving Blossom and I noticed a sign in a non-descript brick building across the street which read “fresh-cut fries” and another that said “hamburgers”.  We all agreed that it sounded like our kind of place and hoped there would be empty seats inside.

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