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Top Fish – Week Five: Captain D’s

Since Captain D’s is supposedly just as good as those high-priced seafood restaurants, Fork You needed to check out their fish sandwich.

Here’s how it scored:

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Double Booth at Captain D’s

 Susan says…


I was surprised to see the commercial had come to life right here in my very own local Cap’n D’s restaurant.  I really wanted to sit there, but not if I had to pay double.  And they probably wouldn’t have let me use my coupon, either.

I have always liked Captain D’s.  I have fond memories of coming to this very location when I was a little girl with my “city” Grandparents.  One time I even left my purse and we had to call the restaurant and drive back from Clendenin to retrieve it.  How embarrassing for a middle schooler.

These days, I have noticed they have an average age similar to that of a Bob Evans. Maybe they run a good Senior discount, maybe they are the only demographic still courageous enough to eat quanities of fried food or maybe seniors just like those hushpuppies, but for whatever reason I am usually the youngest patron in the place.  Except when I am accompanied by Misty.

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