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Top Fish – Week One: Fresh Seafood Company

Week One of our quest to for the best fish sandwich in Charleston finds us at Capitol Market.  Word on the street is, the Big Fish Sandwich at the Fresh Seafood Company is one of the biggest and freshest available around these parts. 

The results of our tests are as follows:

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Capitalize on Taste at Capitol Market


Susan says…

Originally a warehouse and transfer dock for the New York Central Railroad Company, today the property known as Capitol Market boasts a bustle of culinary activity. Whether you are in search of a prepared meal or the ingredients to create your own at home, you can make your tastebuds happy here.






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We Investigate the Hype – Soho’s (lunch)

Soho’s – Capitol Market, Charleston, WV

Susan says:


The Five were encouraged by a reader to review Soho’s.  This reader, as you might guess, was a bit unhappy with the food & atmosphere at Soho’s and was curious about whether those views would be shared by any (or all) of The Five.

Let me begin my portion of the review by saying that I am a fan of Italian food.  In fact, I have a policy which states: “any time you drive north of Route 50, you must eat at an Italian restaurant”.  There are a lot of great, authentic Italian restaurants in Bridgeport and points north and I hate to be near such fine eateries and not take advantage of their offerings.  My background on Soho’s includes one dinner visit during which I enjoyed a pizza, mostly because I thought everything was priced too high and I didn’t want the individual paying for dinner to be sticker-shocked when the bill arrived.  I have eaten lunch here once before but it was a long time ago and don’t really recall how I felt about it, but I hadn’t been back – so what does that tell you?  In addition, I love the food at The Blossom (for dinner, that is) which is created by the same chef, Bill Sohovich.  Sohovich….Soho…get it? Continue reading

The Fresh Seafood Company….Take Two

Susan says…

Today my parents were passing through town and were meeting me for lunch. I wanted to choose a place that was easy for my Dad to find, not too far off the interstate, and something his taste buds would enjoy. (It would be an understatement to say my Dad is a picky eater.) But Dad likes fish. So I thought today would be a good day to try the Fresh Seafood Company again after my sub-par experience last time.

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The Fresh Seafood Company Burned Us

Susan says…

Today’s lunch was one of the most painful lunch days in recent memory. I truly wondered if I would EVER get to eat something.

Part I

Read my review on the Power Alley Grill. We sat there forever, no one waited on us, they removed the fish sandwich from the menu, nothing else worth spending carbs on, blah, blah, blah….I ended up at the Fresh Seafood Company at the Capitol Market. Continue reading