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Spice Up Your Life – Gumbo’s Cajun Restaurant

Gumbo’s Cajun Restaurant – Fayetteville, WV

Dan says…

I had all intentions of visiting another restaurant in Fayetteville for my late lunch, but Gumbo’s caught my eye on┬áthe way. They have spruced up the exterior since opening a few years ago and I noticed a menu posted outside. I took a glance at the menu and the mix of Cajun, Creole and Low Country cuisine sucked me right in the door.

I entered the moderate sized dining room and was greeted right away. I found my seat and surveyed the space. State flags and various pictures decorate the space. The dining room is far from cramped, but the low ceilings can be a little distracting. I tried to order my new favorite drink – an Arnold Palmer, but they only had canned lemonade so I just had iced tea for about $1. Continue reading