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Finally ~ The Cafe’ – River’s Edge Cafe

Just titilating I know

Just titilating I know

Ron Says…

Beer, Pizza, Sandwiches, Beer, Sportscenter, Cleavage, Beer, HiDef TV’s, Beer, 

All for $28.40 cents.

That’s right, spoiler alert.. just happened… we ate plenty of food and spirits for less than $30 (after taxes) and still had leftovers.

Ahhh, I strike my best Al Bundy pose – picture one hand down my pants splayed out on the couch and hand on the remote.  D I G E S T I N G

This is the meal I’ve been waiting for.   Maybe it’s the college football on TV, the wings that were being eaten next to me.  Or just maybe, it’s the relief of not eating the overpriced artsy fartsy meals that the establishment and the “drive-byes” tell you that you should like.

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