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Big Taste at Little India

Susan says…

An Indian restaurant within walking distance of my workplace is a dream come true.  We tried it out the first couple weeks they were open.

Little India is located in the old firehouse location on Washington Street near the Capitol where at least 138 different eateries have called home.  The exterior was spiffed up and adorned with a new sign.  More significant changes were made inside: new booths and tables and new lighting updated the space and made dining more comfortable.  A change I wish they had made is to get rid of that awful ramp from the back seating area to the buffet area.  I feel like I am going to fall over head first when I walk down that ramp in my high-heeled shoes.   If it weren’t for the handrail, I don’t think I could sit in that section.

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News Nugget From the Redneck Riviera – Filling Station Changes Name

Photo from their website

Susan says…

If you are a regular at Myrtle Beach, you are probably familiar with The Filling Station.  Serving up a pizza buffet at almost ridiculously low prices has been their recipe for success for three decades.  Their location on Kings Highway and 16th Avenue North was a popular destination for poor college kids and families alike.  If you look for The Filling Station now, however, you may run into the same problems we did.

As an iPhone addict, I don’t worry about getting directions or planning in too much detail for trips.  I can google whatever I need and use the GPS feature to find it.  We googled “The Filling Station” and clicked on “Directions”.  My phone was telling me to go in a different direction than I expected.  More googling ensued and we determined they had moved.  The new location is 1913 Mr. Joe White Ave (10th & 11th Ave. North).  No problem – my GPS will take us straight there.

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The Charm City Food Tour – Ambassador Dining Room

NOTE:  This is the first in my series of reviews from Baltimore, Maryland.

Susan says…

I had some big decisions to make about where I would eat on this trip since I had only a few days to get as much Baltimore as possible.   The words “Royal Indian Cuisine” grabbed my attention and “lunch buffet” acted as a lighthouse leading this ship safely to shore.  Buffets are attractive for two reasons:   1) A buffet allows me to taste a large assortment of dishes instead of being forced to choose one or two items from the menu and 2) I can sample the aforementioned large assortment of dishes for a lower price than the cost of the chicken tikka masala alone!  Actually three reasons:  3) I can eat as much as my little tummy desires.

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Delish is Still Delish But Not the Same as Delish

Susan says…

I have just returned from the non-profit Delish.  As usual, I sacrificed myself for the sake of this blog by eating as much as I possibly could.  Never mind that I won’t be fitting into my swimsuit this year.

The first thing you need to know is how the lunch is served. 

1) There is no menu.  They have what they have.  I wanted to ask if the lineup would change daily or weekly but the place was just too busy by the time I thought to ask some questions.  (I was excited about getting that food in my belly.) 

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Good Value – Jin Long Restaurant

 jin long outside

 Ron says…

I grew up in Milton… “My Hometown”…For the longest time, Milton had about three sit down restarurants.  Two were Pizza Joints, and the other The Village Inn. 

Well as time goes by, people move away, come back etc.  Milton now has a few more restaurants and another signal light intersection.

Jin Long has been in Milton I bet now for five or six years.  I’ve eaten here once before with mixed results.  Since Susan is always needing content for this blog, we decided to eat here so we could do a good old “forking”. Continue reading

News Nuggets

More Food Choices in South Charleston

South Charleston welcomes another new restaurant this week: The Happy Days Cafe.

Happy Days Cafe is located on D Street in South Charleston. The cafe, which is an ice cream and sandwich shop with a ’50s and ’60s theme, will also feature Greenlee Gourmet Popcorn, formerly sold from the now vacant space next door.  When this space opened up, Greenlee opted to move and expand.

An informative article appears in the Daily Mail.

With seating for 51 hungry customers, the menu features sandwiches, daily soup specials, house-made BBQ sammies, and hot dogs – with homemade sauce and slaw.  Stanton better get to D Street tout de suite!  (Perhaps we can once again join forces for our third joint review.)  To wash it down: shakes, floats and flavored Coca Cola.

Stop by between the hours of 10 am and 8 pm, Monday through Friday and check it out.

Say goodbye to Bennigan’s…Again

The Bennigan’s in the Charleston Town Center has once again closed its doors.  Is this time truly the end?  Can this defunct eatery still be awarded Best in the Valley – French Restaurant?

Moroccan Pizza Buffet Closes

One of the local lunch spots on Fork You’s regular rotation has closed. 

Sure it’s kind of a quirky combination:  all-you-can-eat pizza and Moroccan food, but endless yummy pizza at a great price should have been bringing nearby state workers through the doors in droves.  Unfortunately, despite the seemingly busy lunch crowds, the Morocco Meditteranean Cuisine and Pizza is  no more.  Misty & I will definitely miss their spinach/feta pizza.