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A Fabulous Meal on the Hill

Susan says…

If you have not wound your way up Bridge Road for dinner under the red awning, you must put it at the top of your to-do list.  I have had some great dishes.  I have had some great meals.  But this one… this one begs me to wax poetic.

We have reviewed South Hills Market and Café and I have written an open (love) letter to Chef Richard Arbaugh.  The more I eat there, the more I love it.  The combination of cozy atmosphere, friendly and attentive service, gorgeous white dinnerware, fantastic flavor combinations and artistic presentation is like nothing else in our area.  (In fact, in my opinion, SHMC outshines the meal I recently enjoyed at the Greenbrier’s Main Dining Room.)

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Have a Happy Hour at South Hills Market and Cafe

South Hills Market and Cafe - Charleston WV
South Hills Market and Cafe – Charleston WV

One of Fork You’s favorite restaurants is now a Happy Hour destination!

From 4:30-6 pm Thursday through Saturday, you can enjoy a beer for $2 or a glass of wine for $5.  To go along with that, Chef Arbaugh is introducing some special appetizers that are only available during those hours.  (See menu below.)

Shmc tells Fork You the Happy Hour may be extended to Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the future.  In addition, there are a couple other appetizers that may appear on future menu printings including fresh cut fries and an Asian-influenced “taco”.

shmc happy hour menu 7-1-09_1

Prix Fixe Menu at south hills market and cafe

shmc table setting

South Hills Market & Cafe at the Dinner Hour

(May 21, 2009) Susan says…

I have a crush.

Last night, flavors, colors and textures joined hands to create a symphony on our plates at South Hills Market & Café under the masterful direction of Chef Richard Arbaugh.  Let me take you through the concert, one number at a time.

First, the atmosphere: white linen tablecloths, white linen napkins, white plates in artful shapes. Simple table décor of a candle and small potted plant, making for easy conversation around the table.  An intimate, quiet dining room with plush seats to keep you comfortable for the time we lingered.

Next, the menus: a single rectangle of cardstock announces the dishes available that evening. Another details the wine list and a smaller square shows the beers.  The menu is separated into three categories: cold appetizer, hot appetizer, and entrée – about a dozen different creations in all.  The Café is currently offering a prix fixe menu, meaning you can choose three courses for $35 per person, or four courses for $45.

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Open Letter to Chef Richard Arbaugh

Dear Chef Arbaugh,


Events of this week have inspired me, nay compelled me to write this letter. While I do want to share the affect these events have had upon me and diners across our fair city, I must begin by describing the first time we met.

My first introduction to you , Chef Arbaugh, was not a handshake, an internet communication, an informative yet one-dimensional article in the Daily Mail. No, the first time I met you, you spoke to me through a sandwich.

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Steer Your Way Through the Lunchtime Waters – The Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse – South Hills Shops, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

Even though I am the first opinion in this review I am the last person to post. So I have had the privilege of reading their opinions prior to writing mine.  So before you get wrapped up in spicy BBQ, cold bread, charts and graphs I need to tell you that the Wheelhouse is good.  This place doesn’t look like much on the outside and most would drive by without giving it a thought.  I love trying new places, but something about this place didn’t attract me.  Our good friends at the WV Hot Dog Blog rated a WVHD at the Wheelhouse, which prompted us to take a closer look.

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Different Strokes for Different Folks – Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro – South Hills, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

Swan Ridge Bison Burger • 11.95

Bridge Road Bistro is a staple for many in South Hills.  So much in fact that they shorten the name and refer to it as the Bistro.  I don’t eat here as much as I would like.  When I suggest it and any other restaurant with a similar price range to “The Vegetarian Wife” she always picks something different.  She likes to stick with what she knows. This make sense, because after 11 years of eating spinach quesdillas she finally changed her Mexican restaurant order.

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