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Different Strokes for Different Folks – Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro – South Hills, Charleston, WV

Dan says…

Swan Ridge Bison Burger • 11.95

Bridge Road Bistro is a staple for many in South Hills.  So much in fact that they shorten the name and refer to it as the Bistro.  I don’t eat here as much as I would like.  When I suggest it and any other restaurant with a similar price range to “The Vegetarian Wife” she always picks something different.  She likes to stick with what she knows. This make sense, because after 11 years of eating spinach quesdillas she finally changed her Mexican restaurant order.

The Bistro is one of the first buildings you see when you crest the Bridge Road hill coming from downtown. Continue reading

High Hopes…Big Letdown – Bridge Road Bistro

Bridge Road Bistro – Bridge Road Shops, Charleston, WV

Susan says…

I’ll admit it.  I get excited about going to “fancy” places.  I don’t mind spending the money because I enjoy food so much.  When I go on vacation, I spend time researching area restaurants before I even hit the road.  The highlight of my trip to Charleston, SC last summer was a meal at Hank’s.  I made a big deal of going there and getting dressed up, and taking pictures…  So I tend to develop expectations when a place is talked up and I am looking forward to dining there.

Such is the case with Bridge Road Bistro.  People have hyped it.  It’s supposed to be awesome.  The little taste I got at cocktail hour a couple weeks ago told me there was good food, but I wouldn’t get much and it would cost a pretty penny.  Sort of like that credit card commercial where the young couple finally gets a reservation at a nice restaurant but when they get their food it is microscopic so they have to hit the Go-Mart afterward to buy a bunch of junk food.   But if that microscopic food is really delicious, I might be okay with it.

You may be predicting, based on the headline, that I was not okay with the BRB.

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Restaurant Swingers – south hills market and cafe (Dinner)

south hills market and cafe – South Hills Shops, Charleston, WV

Dan says…
Garlic and Sapphires

Garlic and Sapphires

The title deserves an explanation. It is drawn from the restaurant critiquing rules Ruth Reichl writes about in her book, Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise. She tells her dining companions during a trip to Daniel’s that everyone must order something different and that she gets to taste everyone’s food. So four of “The Five” decided to employee this technique on our epic night of fine dining.

Tracey and I met Ron and Susan for cocktails and appetizers at Bridge Road Bistro. It was happy hour until seven and they were serving two for one beer, wine and well drinks. I had an Appalachian Amber from Mountain State Brewery and a Vodka martini. I ordered up the Portuguese Fisherman Mussels, which was mussels cooked with roasted garlic and chorizo sausage with saffron, tomatoes and white wine sauce for $11. The shellfish were clean and very tender. The combination would have gone nicely over pasta, too. It was time to go claim our table across the street. We walked the short distance to the SHMC and I could tell Ron was upset. See, leaving a watering hole one minute before the end of happy hour for Ron is like Robert Ebert leaving a movie theater before the end of an Oscar nominated film. Continue reading