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The 21st Century Comment Card

This is a blog written by regular people about our own regular-person opinions.  We pump money into the local economy every day by eating lunch out.  For those dollars, we have certain expectations.  We write about whether or not those expectations were met.

Are we going to like EVERYTHING at EVERY restaurant?  Of course not.  If we did, we’d be the Gazz and it would ruin the whole point of our blog:  write about dining experiences as an ordinary diner.   We aren’t trying to earn advertising revenue by producing a glowing article about a restaurant.  We don’t want to come in a place, declare we are going to write a review of it and then have folks roll out the red carpet.  We want what everyone else gets.  Think of it as the Secret Shopper of restaurants…an unannounced audit, the Saturday Night Live of restaurant reviews.  Ok, we’re not at all that funny but you get what we’re shooting for.

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