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How Big is the Food at a Place Named Biggie’s?

Note:  Susan’s daughters, ages 8 and 10, are guest bloggers for this review.

Susan says…


I take my mother duties very seriously. Every daughter’s upbringing should include shopping training. I am so committed to this ideal, I started shopping with my girls, explaining how to calculate sale prices in your head, sharing my secrets for strategic routing inside the mall, and how best to stuff everything in the trunk of the car – well before they could walk.

In addition, I am somewhat of a patriot. Now, I don’t go around waving flags on an ordinary Tuesday but I try to do my part to help keep America the greatest place on the planet.

As a means to these ends, I felt it was both my civic and parental duty to stimulate the fledgling economy the day after Thanksgiving. 

All our intensive study of shopping served us well this year because we were in Grafton, WV. You really had to get creative to find good shopping in that area. We had already exhausted the possibiities at the Grafton Wal Mart, grabbing quite a few of the $4 specials and had worked up an appetite before trekking to the Meadowbrook Mall in Bridgeport.

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