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Vote For “Best in the Valley 2009”

Susan says…

Our pals over at WV Gourmet are running an interesting campaign involving the Best in the Valley poll at the Charleston Gazette.  Click on the link to read their post.


Scrolling down through the categories for Food and Fun on the Gazette’s site, you will note some rather strange ones.  How can you have a competition when you’re the only one in the running? 

For example, how many amusement parks are there in the valley?  Maybe Rock Lake Putt Putt counts, or the Grand Prix place at Southridge.  Cafeterias?  I guess CAMC is hoping to pull out a win in that category.  What about chocolate shops?  yep, we have a whole bunch of those, too.  I can think of Holl’s and the Godiva stand at the Town Center. 

And that’s just reviewing the first page of the ballot.

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