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Hibernate Here – Bear’s Den

 bears den outside

Susan says…

You know how you just aren’t culinarily compatible with some people?  You probably have a friend that hasn’t enjoyed a single place you’ve recommended to them and you think the places they prefer are awful.  Or maybe you just like different styles of food: they like home cookin’, you like Asian fusion.  I have such a friend and his name is Misty’s Husband.

Misty’s Husband is a meat ‘n taters kind of guy.  His favorite food group is fat.  He can eat his own weight in hot wings.  He makes up nicknames for restaurants, too.  He refers to the Cathedral Café in Fayetteville as: “the #hitty little deli with the library books”.   He asks me if I have “included any weird ingredients” when I invite him over for dinner, with the word “weird” having a very broad-range definition.

Since we are polar opposites when it comes to food, this review will be evidence of a modern miracle occurring on Capitol Street:  I actually agree with Misty’s Husband about a restaurant.

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