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Temptation Has Arrived on the East End and Thy Name is Frutcake

Ashley says…

Frutcake is the latest venture by the people who brought us Bluegrass Kitchen and Tricky Fish.  It is also on the east end, located in the building that used to house Delish Express.   It has the same tables and chairs inside and out that were in the place before, but I imagine most of their business is take-out. 

I stopped into Frutcake one morning on my way to work.  A couple of my co-workers make it part of their daily routines.  I usually avoid such places because most of the time, I eat healthy and try to avoid the things that will make my pants fit tighter.  I decided to splurge today and take one for the team and fork the place. 

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Bring your Dough – Greenbrier Valley Baking Co.

Greenbrier Valley Baking Co. – Historic Downtown Lewisburg, WV

Dan says…

Lewisburg, West Virginia is a great small town.  Home of the West Virginia State Fair and the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. They have just about everything you need, soup to nuts, heck they even have a Wal-Mart.  Downtown Lewisburg is home to a small artisan bakery where you can find many irresistible eats. They are so tempting, make sure you bring your dough or you will be sent across the street to the ATM.  This is a cash only establishment. Continue reading