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Susan’s Travel Journal, Day 3, Mystic, CT – Azu Restaurant

Susan says…

Walking up and down West Main Street in historic Mystic, Connecticut was making us even hungrier.  I haven’t yet made it to the grocery store for snacks and drinks to keep in our room, so we did not eat any sort of breakfast.

There are several restaurants in the historic section and my tourist map pointed out many of them and I announced them to Ron, as if I was a professional tour guide, as we drove around looking for public parking.  I also noted that I will have to come back to historic Mystic for some serious shopping while Ron is in his classes this week – there is an array of intriguing specialty shops. 

One of many storefronts in the historic buildings that lined the street, Azu Restaurant caught our eye.  It looked like it would be small, quaint, and charmingly old inside.  Looks can be deceiving. 

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