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Day 4 – The most visited city in the world – Paris, France – Part 1

Dan says…

Today started early we woke around 5am so we could board the 7:22a train in Kiaserslutern (Germany) bound for Paris (France). We took the Inter City Express or ICE train, which you could call a bullet train. Once in France it speed along the tracks at 319 kilometers per hour or 198 mph. Once we made it to Paris we took the subway to the heart of Paris, the Ile de la Cite (City island in English). The island completely surrounded by the Seine river is the home of several famous landmarks including our focus, Notre Dame. We made our way around the inside looking a stain glass and little chapels dedicated to religous martyrs. Then we walked around the outside to take in the gargolyes and flying buttresses.
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Fresh New Menu – Bluegrass Kitchen

Bluegrass Kitchen – East End, Charleston, WV

Susan says…

Bluegrass Kitchen is one of the few lunch spots we frequent where I will throw the Carb Diet out the window without a second thought. I LOVE the crusty bread they use for the Perfect Chicken Sandwich. I must disagree with Dan (see his comments below) about its perfectness. There is a good amount of chicken breast, tomato, Swiss cheese, bacon, spring greens and sundried tomato mayo on this creation. Since I like to choke my sandwiches down dry, I never get the mayo. Actually mayo and eggs make me want to gag just from thinking about eating them. They are my two least favorite foods. Unless the eggs are in cake, of course. Have you ever ordered a sandwich without the mayo and then tried to scrape it off? Doesn’t work, my friends. The mayo residue is still there, ruining your bread. I digress… Continue reading