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Top Fish – The Results!

After reviewing nine local fish sandwiches during Lent, we have now compiled the results.

And the Top Fish is:

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Top Fish – Week Three: Arby’s

The Fork You Crew had to check out the amazingly low priced Fish Sandwich combo at Arby’s as a part of our Top Fish research.  And it comes with curly fries – score!

Check out Arby’s scores on the Top Fish rubric:

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What the Fork? Arby’s Freebie Fail

Susan says…

Our fellow foodaholics over at Grub Grade do an excellent job of reporting food deals.  They always know where to get cheap food, free food, limited time only offers and coupons.  All summer long, they have been posting the weekly Arby’s Freebies – each Wednesday, Arby’s offers a menu item for free, usually with the purchase of a soft drink.


This past Wednesday, the Arby’s Freebie was the Roast Chicken Club Sandwich.  Buy a drink, get the Sammie free. 

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Arby’s Chicken Fajita Flatbread Melt

Susan says…

Shopping really takes a lot out of a girl when she’s good at it, like me.  Last weekend, I was working my way through the Kanawha City Gabriel Brothers when my tummy started rumbling.  This was only my first stop – I had planned to go to Marshall’s and TJ Maxx before heading home.  I’d never make it.  I needed sustinence.

arbys flatbread melt

With few choices in the immediate vacinity, I quickly ran through them in my mind.  Chicken soft taco, not in the mood for that.   Pizza Hut? out of the question – that would blow my calories for the next two days.  Burger King?  The only thing I like there is the fries and those are negative healthy.   Then I remembered seeing a sign at Arby’s about the fajita flatbread melts.  Maybe that wouldn’t be too bad…

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