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Open Letter to Aladdin Restaurant

Dear Owner/Operator(s) of Aladdin Restaurant,

Given the many restaurant meals I have consumed during my lunch hour all over this fair city of ours, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience which can help your restaurant become one of the very best.  Because, you see, right now you have a problem.

Do you have delicious food crafted from fresh ingredients, served hot?  Yep.

Do you serve that delicious, hot food at reasonable prices?  I think so.     

And do you serve that delicious, hot, reasonably-priced food in a timely and efficient manner?  Ummmmmm……..No. 

Some days all I can think about is the tender, delicately spiced lamb mixture sliced and layered with fresh, crisp lettuce inside a warm pita cleverly wrapped in white paper so the filling doesn’t fall out as I devour it.  And those thoughts are immediately followed by feelings of nervousness and distress that I experience every single time I go to Aladdin at the hand of the completely inadequate service.

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Today on Restaurantica.com

Susan says…

Tired of all the turkey-talk already?  Yearning for something out-of-the-ordinary?  Consider dining at Aladdin Restaurant in Kanawha City for fresh, healthful Middle Eastern fare.

Restaurantica.com highlights Aladdin today on their blog, written by yours truly. 

Daniel, the Vegetarian Wife and I reviewed Aladdin in June and you can read it again here to find out what we sampled.